Agriturismo La Stadera





The camping “La Stadera” is the ideal solution for those who wants to enjoy an unusual vacation, away from crowdy places, totally absorbed in the nature, in a truly sober and rural context. Apparently deprived of great conforts as bigger campings may offer, “La Stadera” camping can give the possibility to move around, either by car or bicycle, numerous amusing options at very little distance. In fact, at only 4 km, it is possible to visit and enjoy a thermal resort in Fratta Terme, well known for its thermal curative pools, including also the thematic park of “Indiana Park” with a swimming pool, ideal for families with kids. For those who want to enjoy a culinary vacation, “La Stadera” camping is just located in one of the most prestigious italian wine land, mainly producing Sangiovese red wine among others. Around here, it is possible to find typical culinary products, made and sold direcly by many local farms. We don't finally forget who loves to visit monuments and masterpiece of art, with the Malatestiana Library in Cesena, the most ancient library in Europe, incuded in the patrimony of the UNESCO organization, at only10 km. The city of Ravenna with the Mausoleum of Teodorico and precious Mosaics, from ancient roman empire, it is only 35 km away. If you like walking or riding a bike, you can also enjoy very characteristic and dedicated runs in the surrounding territory. So, at “La Stadera” camping you cannot only find a small size campsite (8 pitches only), with its own typical restaurant and production of agricultural products, but you will have also many options of relaxation and amusement at very little distance. Therefore, Camper, Trailer and Tents are welcome and … ENJOY YOUR VACATION at “La Stadera”!



Daily Camping Rates

Electric Erba Pitches

Low Season

01/01 - 30/06
01/09 - 31/12

Electric Erba Pitches

High Season

01/07 - 31/08

Non-Electric Erba Pitches
(for tents only)

Low Season

01/01 - 30/06
01/09 - 31/12

Non-Electric Erba Pitches
(for tents only)

High Season

01/07 - 31/08

€ 6.00
€ 7.50
€ 6.00  € 7.50 
Children (from 0 to 5 years old)
Free Free
Children (from 6 to 11 years old)
€ 2.50
€ 3.00
€ 2.50  € 3.00 
Teenagers (from 12 to 17 years old)
€ 3.50
€ 4.50
€ 3.50  € 4.50 
Campsite Place (Camper/Trailer/Tend, with bathroom and camper service)
€ 9.50
€ 11.50
€ 6.50 € 8.50
Personal Tourist Tax
Daily: € 1.50, Max 3 days
from 8 to 14 consecutive nights
10% discount
from 15 to 21 consecutive nights
14% discount
from 22 to 28 consecutive nights
18% discount
Longer Periods
By Arrangement
Opening from 01/01 to 31/12



• The Direction has the right to expel from the camping, those who will not respect the present rule. Copy of the present rule will be provided to every nucleus family guest at the check in.

• The entry and the permanence in the Camping imply the acceptance and the full observance of the present rules, as well as the obligation to settle the entire due rates.

• Inside the camping it will be required a correct behaviour, suitable to community life, inspired to the respect and the good education towards everybody.

• At the arrival, all guests are asked to consign a valid document of identity, in order to complete the registration as required by the law. At that time, a platform number will be assigned, not modifiable without authorization by the Direction.

• Visitors are admitted from 9,00am to 11,00pm – prior authorization by the Direction. They also must exhibit a document of identification at the arrival.

• In order to ensure quiet and safety to all guests, it is required to limit at the most the use of vehicles and circulate at extremely low speed inside the Camping area. One vehicle will be allowed inside each platform assigned. Extra vehicles must use the common parking spaces in the campsite.

• It is severely forbidden:
to introduce non registered people without authorization inside the Camping. to damage trees, plants and equipments. to turn on free fires. to erect enclosures. to dig canals, drainages or similar. to extend wires and cloths. to dump on the ground, hot, salty liquids or refusals of any kind. Campers have to use the special service. to occupy or use not assigned platforms.

• Car wash is not permitted inside the camping area.

• Using the hygienic and support services inside the camping, it is recommended to observe a respectful behavior and comply with all descriptive indications opportunely.

• The entry and the exit from the camping it is permitted from 9,00am, through 11,00pm. For different demands, guests must arrange with the direction.

• Day is intended to begin at 12.00am, ending at 12.00am of following day.
Therefore the campers must clear the place within such time, unless different agreement has bee taken with the Direction.

• At any time, it is highly recommended to avoids activities, games, use of equipment or any behavior that may cause disturb or trouble to other Guests. Particularly: from 2pm to 4pm and from 11pm to 8am, it is prohibited to make noises that disturb the rest of the campers; to mount / dismount tents or other; to use radio, Tv or similar, at excessive volume.

• Lost objects recoverd inside the Camping must be consigned immediately to the Direction. Guests are advised to pay attention to their personal effects and to adopt any precaution to prevent theft or intrusion from subjects with malicious intents. The Direction declines any responsibility for losses, dismays, thefts and damages caused by force majeure, calamity, disorders etc.

• Children must be accompanied in the services, in the showers and when they move within the campsite. Adults are directly responsible for their behavior. It is necessary to pay attention that their vivacity will not cause trouble to the other guests. Particularly, parents, are asked to verify that their children will respect the hours of silence.

• Every infectious illness will have to immediately be declared to the Direction.

• At departure, the Guests are asked to leave the assigned platform clean.

• Pets are always admitted, provided they are kept on a leash. Owners must remove eventual excrements. They are also responsible for damages brought by their pets to people or things. Free circulation of animals is forbidden inside the campsite.

• It is forbidden to turn on fires, out from the dedicated cooking point located inside the campsite. Common barbecues can be used by all the campers, avoiding to cause trouble, danger, damages and all risk of fires.

• It is obligatory the use the respective special sinks, to wash foodstuffs, dishes and clothes, etc.

• Any kind of refusals must be discharged inside the proper trash cans.

• The payment of the due rates for the permanence in the camping must be settled at the departure.